About Us

Smyth Logwork uses the traditional Scandinavian style full scribe method which involves using whole logs that are hand-peeled, hand-scribed, hand-milled, and are then coped and notched together. Each home is handcrafted and naturally unique. We work with you every step of the way.

The Smyth family has been building log homes since 1955 with master log builder Ramey Smyth. Ramey has always been passionate about log homes. One of his earliest memories was the family living in a cozy log home. The family built their log home on their homestead and he remembers that “the first log home I worked on we used our horses to pull the logs in from the forest!”

We will build your log shell or turnkey home and everything in between – recreational cabin to lodges!

Why full scribe?

This method of log home construction has truly withstood the test of time. The full scribe method was developed and perfected in Scandinavia over 1000 years ago and some of those original log homes are still being warmly inhabited and enjoyed. This round log construction technique uses smooth hand-peeled logs which are meticulously scribed to fit together. Each log fits the contours of the log above and below. The structure becomes stronger and tighter over a two year period as the logs shrink and settle in to place. This is a very aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound method of log home building.

Log garage

We can build on your remote homesite!

Even if you live off the grid or off the road system we can design, build and assemble a log structure on your home site. We have many years of experience building remotely. Our logs have been sling-loaded by helicopter piece by piece to gorgeous remote lakeside properties and constructed on location. Logs and materials have been freighted by snow machine many miles to be constructed into beautiful Alaskan get-aways. We build statewide!


Off grid power!

Power from the sun! Let us help you design and install an off-grid solar power system to meet your needs. For your remote weekend cabin or full time home solar power can provide a large percentage of your energy requirements.

Ramey Smyth
Becca Moore
Construction Crew